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Maintaining your employee data in filing cabinets, spreadsheets, or multiple separate software systems costs you in time and money. Connect your employee information from end to end with Cimarron Risk Advisors.  Our clients receive an all-in-one HR software that consolidates your employee data, onboarding, time clocks, time sheets, time off, benefits, performance management, employee files, and more, all in a single platform. 

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Cost Containment


Driving engagement is the key to generating actual value for the employer and employees in new cost-containment strategies. This can be difficult in healthcare because changing behavior on how to make decisions and access care is hard.

Once you understand (and are on board with) increasing your engagement to drive savings, healthcare cost-containment strategies is something CRA provides the benefits industry. 

As you may have picked up, effective cost-containment strategies come from providing a benefit that’s utilized by both employees and employers. Buzzwords are fun to say, but employee engagement with these cost-containment strategies is require to generate results. 


Risk Management

 Cimarron Risk Advisors model focuses on identifying various risks within an organization, quantifying that risk and finally prioritizing it in order to put an action plan in place to minimize, mitigate or eliminate that risk.